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Name: Xingtian Du
Name: Jinwei Yuan
Nationality: Chinese
College: National University Of Ireland, Galway
Our purpose in creating the blog: To show our ideas or opinions about the Food Production & Food Safety, and taking about some new generation of kitchens and how the IT works in the new generation of kitchen (Intro of new functions with those concept kitchens, which will come to our life).
Intended audience is mainly with housewife and people who are interested in information technology & computer science (In Home Electronics or Appliances area).

IT In Kitchen (Concept kitchenware)

  Today, I am going to talk about some kitchenware and how the IT working in those kitchenware, which makes peoples life more convenience. 
Firstly, there is a picture of tradition kitchen (see P1), which may cause some a lot of inconvenience things to us like: 1. It takes up a big space. 2. When people finished cooking, it is hard to clean this area (such as cooking area, cutting area and washing area) and people have to waste more time on that. 
(P1)                                   (P2)
But, in the future, a new generation of kitchen will come to ours house, which is more convenience, more efficiency, saving space and easier to manage (Example: P2). From the P2, it is cooking table and it puts cleaning area, dishwasher, cooking area, cutting area and storage area together. So that, when people finished cooking, they only need push the opening & closing key (it is called ONE KEY CONTROL). Those two cabinets will go back to the centre working place and washing the bowls and dishes automatically. 
In addition, this is a concept cooking range (see P3) which bases on electromagnetic heating (saving power and safer) from the company Whirtpool exhibition in 2014. Then, the cooking range is controlled by touching the table and voice order. Thats to say, the full table also can be a  
Tablet PC. People can surf the internet and cooking at the same time. The temperature setting (power setting) and the cooking timer can be controlled by peoples voice order. Moreover, the AI will get your voice order and connect to PC & internet, then download some relative food or cooking massages and giving user some cooking advices.

 (P3)(CC: promulgator: 36 krypton)

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      Just-eat is an online takeaway or deliver food service in 13 countries such as UK,Ireland and so on.
There are over 29,000 restaurants on Just Eat. More than 100,000 meals had been ordered since August,2001. And let's see the centre of Galway :
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      The technology that Just Eat uses is called JustConnect technology, the main thing is a JCT box, which provides a 2-way till receipt/order for every delivery restaurant. If an order is sent from the website to the JCT box, it will tell the customer to wait , then after stall from restaurant accepts or reject the order, a confirm message will be sent to the customer and the order will be printed. Then the food can be delivered to the customer and customer can pay for it.

       It is a successful technology for both restaurants and customers, more orders, lower prices and more convenient.

Here is a demo step for using Just Eat Ireland:

Step 1: Open, then enter Galway,city centre in the 'Your location?' box, and click the button 'Find me a takeaway'

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   Step 2 : Select one that you like and click 'VIEW MENU', for instance, Sahi Palace
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Step 3 : Then read the menu and click the plus symbol to add one , and you can select delivery or takeaway, after selections click "Proceed'
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Step 4 : Enter the member details or register. Finally just wait for the food and paid it.

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